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Diversity Policy

Corn Exchange celebrates and values diversity. As a non-profit, community organisation in multi-cultural Newport, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone is welcome, represented, and respected. Anything that endangers this environment we foster will not be tolerated and will be challenged.

Objectives of this Policy

The Corn Exchange will promote:

  • A culture that celebrates and represents the diverse, wider culture of Newport.

  • A culture of inclusivity, where everyone is treated with respect whether they are on stage, staff members or customers.

  • A culture of accessibility and equity.

  • Equal opportunity for all.

  • A workplace where everyone’s contribution to the organisation is valued.

  • Active opposition to all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

  • A culture that always strives to be more diverse, more accessible, and more celebratory.

Newport's Community

The most recent Office of National Statistics Census (2021) showed that 7.6% of Newport’s population identified as ‘Asian, Asian British or Asian Welsh’ - an increase of 5.5% since 2011. 2.8% identified as ‘Mixed or Multiple’ and 2.3% identified as ‘Black, Black British, Black Welsh, Caribbean or African’ which was an increase of 1.7% from 2011. 


The same census revealed that 7.1% of the population are Muslim, which increased by 2.7% since 2011 and 42.8% are Christian, which was a decrease of 14.1%. 


10% of the population described themselves as ‘disabled, limited a lot’ and another 10% described themselves as ‘disabled, limited a little’.


The same census shows that nearly 10% of Newport’s population aged over 16 identify with a sexual orientation that isn’t straight or heterosexual. 


According to statistics from Newport City Council, the average salary take-home pay after tax in Newport is £2089 per year, £684 less than the average for the UK. Across the Newport East and Newport West constituencies, as of August 2023 there were 20,058 Universal Credit claimants in a total population of 174,366, most of which were out-of-work claimants. In Newport East, 25.8% of children are in poverty, compared to a 20.1% UK average. 


In summary, almost 15% of the population of Newport identifies as non-white. 20% are disabled in some capacity and the Muslim community is rising in numbers. A large percentage of children aged 0-15 live in households that bring home less than 6% of the median income and are therefore in poverty, and many citizens claim Universal Credit. Newport is a rapidly growing, ever diversifying community where more than 50 languages are spoken and with a population of varying needs, socio-economic statuses and cultures, all of which are at the centre of Corn Exchange’s values. 


Corn Exchange has made the following decisions on its business model to increase accessibility for all members of the community:

  • Non-profit. Community and charitable organisations can use Corn Exchange for events at a face-value cost.

  • Not reliant on alcohol sales. 

  • Fully physically accessible building and has accessible toilets, with gigs only happening on the ground floor and a lift to the first floor. 

A safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Public Profile

The Corn Exchange will be public on social media, it’s website and all available channels about its commitment to diversity and accessibility.

Monitoring, Reporting and Reviewing

A report on The Corn Exchange’s diversity will be presented to the board for review bi-annually. It will confirm that there has been full compliance with this policy or will explain any breaches and the actions taken to correct them. Any changes in diversity of the team will be detailed. This policy will be formally reviewed every two years. Consultation with customers and staff members shall be part of this review.


This policy was approved by the board of directors on 03/11/2023.

Responsibilities of Staff, Performers, and Customers

Corn Exchange recognises the importance of not discriminating against others based on their religion or lack thereof, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, cultural practices, caring or parental responsibilities, illness, disability, mental health status, medical condition, physical appearance, genetic features, parentage, socio-economic background, employment status and past criminal convictions. Upholding this diversity policy is the responsibility of everyone involved in Corn Exchange. 


All staff, performers and customers are expected:

  • To be active in upholding this diversity policy, challenging any unacceptable language or behaviour when seen. 

  • Never to infringe on the rights of others through language or behaviour.

  • Not to discriminate against anyone else unlawfully or unfairly.

  • Never to instruct, encourage or pressurise anyone to discriminate against someone else unlawfully or unfairly. 

  • Not to harass, bully, abuse or intimidate anyone else.

  • To be aware of their unconscious bias and always act against it.

  • To co-operate with decisions made by Corn Exchange to create an accessible, fair, and diverse environment.

Rights of Staff, Performers, and Customers

This policy provides the following rights for all staff members, performers, and customers:

  • The right to be treated fairly, be valued, and be respected at all times.

  • The right to challenge anything believed to be unfair, have this taken seriously and for reasonable action to be taken to correct it, with support from Corn Exchange.

  • The right to be treated with respect and consideration when observing religious or cultural practices.

Diversity on Corn Exchange’s Stage

The live acts that perform on The Corn Exchange’s stage should be a true reflection of Newport’s diverse community. The Events Officer and other affiliated promoters embrace this diversity policy and will choose acts for the stage from an inclusionary standpoint that values and celebrates diversity in race, disability, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background, and age.

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